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New South Wales’ only free range RSPCA Approved egg farm.

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Meet Farmer Rod

Hi there, I’m Farmer Rod. Together with my wife Jane and four children we’ve created the first and only free range egg farm in NSW to be audited and approved by the RSPCA under their “Approved Farming Scheme”.

Our hens have large paddocks in which to roam, forage, dust bathe and explore. Compared to the industry standard of 10,000 hens per hectare our stocking density is just 1250 hens per hectare. This means our hens have 8 times more space!

Inside their 5 star luxury accommodation, our hens compliment their diet with a blend of locally grown NSW whole grains.

Our philosophy of best practice animal welfare creates ethical, sustainable and responsible farming practices. Our mantra is simple

Provide the best and
let nature do the rest.
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