Fresh and Free Range

Learn about our eggs.


The Heart Foundation of Australia recommends that you can eat up to six or seven eggs each week. Eggs contain the “good cholesterol “ HDL, and thus have almost no effect on your blood cholesterol levels. Egg also yolks contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two important antioxidants for eye health.

When compared to caged eggs, free range eggs contain:

  • Three times more vitamin E
  • Seven times more pro-vitamin A beta carotene
  • A quarter less saturated fat
  • A third less cholesterol
  • Up to six times more vitamin D
  • And significantly more vitamin B

Providing the best management practices for the welfare of our hens ensures good egg production to guarantee supply to our loyal customers all year round.

Our bright yellow egg yolks and firm egg whites reflect the variety in our hen’s diet. This colour will vary from time to time depending on the seasonal availability of pasture grasses. The shells may vary in colour due to the different ages of our girls; however the healthy lifestyle they enjoy keeps their shells strong.

Apart from being delicious, nutritious and fresh, our eggs are handled with care during every process. After being laid, they are collected, graded and packed on our farm by family and a great team of local staff for delivery to you!

We believe our free range farm leads the way in free range egg production as NSW’s first and only free range RSPCA Approved egg farm.